Harry Angevine, CEO of Marathon Construction, also owns and operates Smart Grid Development and Built, Inc. Mr. Angevine is responsible for the day to day management of each entity and oversees the development and construction of projects totaling over $500 million dollars.

Mr. Angevine has been in the construction and development industry since 1979 and is highly skilled in all phases of development, design management, construction management and project delivery systems. His passion for creating trend-setting developments helped to reshape and revitalize projects for such Clients as EMC Corporation, Whole Food Markets and Tesla Motor Car Company. As a visionary, he is committed to environmentally-responsible construction that will leave a lasting impact on construction nationwide.

Marathon Construction began in 1998 as the result of entrepreneurial ingenuity and industry-leading practices. As one of seven construction-based companies created by Mr. Angevine, each successful in the satisfaction of their niche markets, Marathon looks to follow the precedent of eco-friendly practices, superior budget-management, and second-to-none creativity that Mr. Angevine has instilled in each of his companies.

Marathon Construction, Inc.

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